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Vending Machine Business

Have you ever wondered about getting into the vending machine business? It's a growing field that can be highly lucrative. There are a number of different types of machines, and the equipment is relatively easy to run and maintain. You can choose to operate a few machines to make extra money, or it can become your main source of revenue.

What You Need to Know

There are several things to consider if you are interested in vending machines. The first is location. Obviously, you will need to situate your machines in high-traffic areas such as hospitals, skating rinks, gyms, bus stations, schools, arcades, recreation centres, offices, movie theatres, and other places where large numbers of people gather. The vending machine field is highly competitive, so you'll need to research this aspect thoroughly in your community. Once you've pinpointed a building for your machines, you next need to consider the specific area. A common room that is frequented often is the best option; this may include office lunch rooms, hospital waiting rooms, arena dressing rooms, etc. When assessing the space for a machine, take into account factors such as power outlets, and whether or not your machine may obstruct hallways or stairs. Next, consider the demographics of the people who frequent the building. What is their age and their percentage of disposable income? What products are they most likely to buy?
Obviously, the type of machine is very important to your success. There are numerous types of vending machines available, and machines may even be customized to suit your needs. You may decide to sell snacks only. Or, depending on your location, you might have more success selling cold beverages from a refrigerated machine. There are combo machines that sell both beverages and snacks, which give you the chance to tap both markets in one location. Food machines, designed to sell larger meal items generate more income, but may also require more maintenance and expense. There are also freezer machines that sell frozen meals that patrons can microwave.
Priceis another important aspect to consider. Prices in airports, hospitals, or other locations where people are unlikely to be able to leave can be slightly higher, but it's best to remain competitive. Remember that every item sold is taxed, so tax must be included in the price. There are multiple ways for payment to be configured, so that's another area to think about.

Finding a Supplier

A reliable wholesale distributor for vending machines can answer many of these questions, and can provide other assistance as well. Leading distributors offer financing help to approved customers, which can get you started in the field. Better distributors also provide training on any machine purchased, as well as service and repairs. Some companies refurbish and rebuild older equipment, so you may be able to trade in used machines for newer models.
Visit a reputable supplier today and learn more about this exciting field and how you can start your own vending machine business!
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